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Dec 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
lucite, baby. let me ask you, so i would think the hardest thing to do in acting is dance, like just be uninhibitied. i don't think-- i can barely do it at parties when i'm hammered. >> you know, this is me most of the time. i'm definitely -- >> a wall flower. >> absolutely. >> stephen: so how do they-- what do they do to get you guys to be uninhibitied or to let loose? do they have to-- is that two hours into it, how do they do it? >> you're doing on the road, don't mess it up. >> did you feel that pressure. >> yeah, i think that was the main thing that sort of kick started everything for us, is we sort of felt like we would do anything for it yeah, i was pretty scared of that scene. because my mom-- homes are few and far between where i really get to exhibit, you know, like pure sort of wild nature, exuberance. >> stephen: and are you such a muse in the film that it is such an important catalyst element. >> yes, it is. she definitely needed to represent what the it of on the road is. >> stephen: right. >> and wordilessly sort of needed to. >> stephen: have you heard from the beat g
Dec 23, 2012 4:30pm EST
of government any other organizations left alone will fall into this, lucite but why they were created to become self-interested, inward turning. the nice thing about free markets as if you have a company that does that, you cease to exist. you don't have the government to keep you going. >> if you were the president, you go to zero-based budgeting. >> it's more than budgets. it's great and the environment for entrepreneurship can flourish. for example, one of the things we discuss is degrading the value of the dollar. it's about consumer price index. it's about coercion. suddenly your government takes resources from you without taxation, without borrowing. it disrupts contracts you may come as people go do things they normally wouldn't do. why do we have derivatives from wall street? if you have chronic instability and exchange rates in the value of money, you've got to hedger bounded. this trading opportunities. so the huge cost or his people into hard assets instead of the future and that's the thing government has got to get away from. changing the minutes and an hour. imagine if 60 minutes
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm EST
necessary understandable putting money into the system will lucite of the lesson that we learned in the '70s and '80s? i hope not. but i am very glad when i hear the fed say they take more and more action. but then they say we want to do all in the context of price stability. to hope it will be acted upon when the time comes. >> host: you mentioned the fed acted pre-emptively if it works out. when will that be? >> i am not sure. said anybody should say the fed should tighten now. i did not say that. i don't think they should unless the unemployment rate really comes down. but you have to worry about price stability it is like diet and exercise. [laughter] one of the things paul volcker thomas -- taught us the big mistake of the seventies was rebating too easy for too long. he was criticized 1985 and when the fed tightened up because it was being pre-emptive. i wonder if ben bernanke or his follower could preemptively raise rates with the legacy of five years of unemployment. >> host: in this context the book that should have been called volcker roles. [laughter] >> they wanted to pay extra f
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)